Moby Background Story

Manufactured by Cicada Mobile in 2050, MOBY soon becomes the most popular family ride and is listed as the most desirable classic in this ten years.

The technology had a ground-break in 2042 by being able to implementing magnetic levitation engine into house-hold vehicles. By creating an inner magnetic cycle in the vehicle's engine chest, the vehicle practically carries both poles with it and becomes independent from magnetic track or base to levitate, which was the old model of magnetic levitation device.

With the success of transforming into the era of AR/VR being the dominant communication method, MOBY has its driving information displayed on the windshield with AR technology.

Especially because of the whole new behavioral changes, going out-door and physically spend time with one's family and friends become a popular and encouraged new social trend. Bearing such a societal phenomenon, MOBY was created.

Jessica tung chi lee layout
Jessica tung chi lee layout
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Jessica tung chi lee sketches 2 layout

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